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Good Site Layout Will Enhance the Passenger Flow Volume of Amusement Equipment

During running the amusement business, many layouts of amusement sites are too monotonous and they are always full of commercial atmosphere. Therefore, how can they attract more customers to play in the amusement parks? Good layout of a amusement site can enhance the passenger flow volume.

Now, let us learn some factors that should be noticed during arranging the amusement sites.

1.Amusementsites for kids can not be full of commercial atmosphere, and it should embody the entertainment spirit;

2.The site layout is better to accord with the theme of amusement park,so it will attract more kids to play;

3.It is better to put the amusement equipment in the openor obvious sites where amusement equipment can attract more passengers;

The site layout is very important for operating amusement business. Good layouts of the amusement sites can have more economic benefits and values.

By Jinshan carnival rides