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Health Problems of Children’s Inflatable Castle Must not be Ignored

Health problem of indoor operation:

The indoor business venues are mainly distribute in some large comprehensive shopping malls. The environment in the mall is good, and the temperature is suitable. Many parents like to bring their children to enjoy the cool here. In summer, it is a good choose to run a business in the mall.

Since it is a comprehensive shopping mall, people can eat, drink and play together here. Many children still want to play on inflatable trampolines with food or cold drinks. In this case, our castle staff need to watch out on it and stop them in time.”Eating while playing” sounds like a very good experience, but indeed it is a risk of security.

Many parents responded that their babies had dirty clothes and hands after playing in the children’s play area at the mall. However, children may not care about this, as long as they are happy, but parents may think a lot of it. Parents will lose interest if the amusement park’s sanitary condition is not good, which will affect whether they will continue to bring their children to play here.

Health problem of outdoor operation:

The health problems of inflatable castles operated in parks and squares are mainly caused by open air environment. Wind and rain will be full of dust, and mosquitoes increase generally in summer, those will make the whole business environment inferior. Since there are lots of children on the castle, if the environment is not good, the children’s castle can easily become a place for spreading germs.

All parents want to take their children to a playground with good sanitation. As the operator of the children’s inflatable castle, we also have the responsibility and obligation to do a good sanitation job in the park. Daily ventilation, cleaning and disinfection can not  be negligible.