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Hot Sale Mini Amusement Ferris Wheel for Kids

Children ferris wheel is derived from the large amusement equipment ferry wheel, specially designed for children and teenagers. It is available in single and double sides, with 6 cabins hanging on each plate. Also it is attractive and safe for kids and adults with its nice appearance, bright colors and perfect design. Passengers sit in the cabin and slowly rise up to overlook the surrounding landscape. This amusement equipment is suitable for indoor and outdoor amusement playground, park, shopping mall and family entertainment center.

Frankly, its shape is similar to the giant ferry wheel, and the difference is its size. Then children can sit in the cabins with their dreams, also this maybe can help children to show their”man” spirit, so we need to give children opportunity and provide their the platform. This will be huge help to develop kids self-confidence. That’s why this new amusement equipment is very suitable for kids.

By Jinshan carnival rides