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How Can Amusement Equipment Owner Avoid The Misunderstandings?

Zhengzhou Jinshan Amusement Equipment found that many new amusement equipment business owner often meet various questions, and these questions can not be solved, thus affecting the playground income. In fact, only finding the exact questions, the crisis can really be solved.  Now according to the successful kids playground’s experience,  we’d like to analyze the misunderstandings that should be avoided, and help operators get ride of them to gain more profit:

*Some staff of kids playground are not good at promoting month card, member card to parents, and they are too passive when do sales work. The opinion( If parents want to get a card, they will buy from me) is difficult to bring high profit for playground, so the business owner should encourage staff to take the initiative to introduce the advantages of kids playground and the benefit of card to customers,then customers will be interested in the park discount card and business owner can get money back quickly.

*In fact, The site should be planned. Exactly, more equipment will make customers stay longer, but you should match the amusement equipment reasonable according to the size of the venue and reserve road for each amusement equipment for visitors to watch. In this case, the amusement equipment will be more attractive for customers and improve profit. If you only add amusement equipment and not reserve space, it will only give customers a messy and congested feeling, affecting their mood。

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*There are some park owners will going into such a misunderstanding: Follow blindly, only choose the popular equipment. But sometimes, because of the industrial agglomeration effect, if the amusement equipment are too similar, it will cause unnecessary competition, then the customer groups will be separated. Therefore, facing an array of amusement on the market, business owners should see which equipment is novelty and do market research, then open an amusement park that can be suitable for local amusement equipment requirements in combination with its own situation.

*The safety of amusement equipment always is a super important question. Choosing safe amusement equipment is the operator’s wise move.Zhengzhou Jinshan Amusement Equipment Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer, with strict quality control system, and CE certificate. Welcome all the clients come to visit our factory and inspect quality.

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