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How Can the Amusement Park Attract More Customers?

There are more and more children’s amusement parks and they have become the main place for children to play. The market requirement is increasing. The planning and design of children’s park play a decisive role in the development of the amusement park. How can the operator of the amusement park make the park stand out among numerous amusement parks and attract more customers?

The combination of the children’s park’s inherent amusement equipments and the real site makes people look at it with a fresh feeling and create a unique style of the amusement park. According to the actual size of the site, the design and planning are carried out for children of different ages and the preliminary budget to attract more children.

Children’s amusement park operator should clearly know the facing crowd of children’s amusement equipments. Some children’s park’s business area is not large, but the device is abundant. However, the fewer the number of each product lack the depth of the products, product mix, which can’t meet the needs of children. And smaller stores with more equipments is easy to give customers a depressing feeling, making  most children are no longer willing to “go back”. Some projects in the children’s amusement park are popular, while some are relatively quiet, so the hot projects in the site must be reasonably distributed. For example, the area near the entrance, stairway and elevator entrance is equipped with items that children like to play, such as naughty castle, ball pool, video game, etc. While the unpopular items are interspersed among them. Sometimes children will be attracted by the amusement programs nearby when they line up. This combination of hot and cold will maximize the benefits of the park.

Preference can be given to large shopping malls nearby. First of all, people flow in the vicinity of large shopping malls is very large. Second, the visitors to shopping malls are basically just looking for entertainment and consumption. So it’s wise to open an amusement park near shopping malls. More importantly, most of them take their children with them. Because people are tired when they go shopping in the shopping mall, and the amusement equipment can play the role of adjustment. They can not only experience the pleasure brought by the amusement equipment, but also play the role of relaxation.

The better profit mode of the market is mainly the product combination, which is basically divided into: children’s amusement park for children under 8 years old and children’s experience hall for children under 12 years old. A comprehensive children’s theme amusement park is nothing more than a golden proportion of a project’s portfolio.

The product collocation in a well-run children’s amusement park equipment should be combined with static and dynamic. The product combination of children’s naughty fort and children’s experience should also be accompanied by secondary consumption and tertiary consumption. Many comprehensive children’s amusement park peripheral supporting projects have children’s video games, water bar, manicure, baking, and other areas. This not only makes up the main parents’ needs but also caters to the children’s playing habits.

The factors that children’s amusement parks attract children are very diversified, such as the types of children’s amusement equipment, color matching, site modeling, music playing, activity theme and decoration of the parks.