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How Can the Amusement Park Better to Attract Children?

If u want to operate well your children’s amusement park, you should firstly grasp the audience—children, because the biggest consumer group of course is children, so how can the amusement park attract children? This needs we pay more attention. No feature, no bright impression. The area of the amusement park is not so big but there are various kinds of equipment. However the number of each product is not so big. The park is lack of depth, product assortment, the children can not be satisfied. And it will give people a sense of depressive and then make most children don’t want to come again.

The amusement park should not blindly let people play, but to use scientific plan, and first-class playing teaching tools, and let children accumulate scientific common sense in playing, learn to find problems, experience and methods, and then the ability to solve the problems. Give children a free space, a thinking way to solve problems, a healthy and positive attitude, a gentle and calm character and a habit can benefit children the whole life. Let parents won’t annoy about children’s growth.

Amusement park’s sanitary control management

It is necessary to do the job of childeren’s castle sanitary problem, not only to do bu to do well. Children’s amusement park’s clean and disinfect need to be done everyday. Disinfection can use  disinfectant to mix clear water to dilute, take dishcloth to wipe next, still can use spray can, disinfectant water is diluted hind, spray is wiped, some customers bought ultraviolet ray to disinfect the lamp, undertake disinfection disinfection. In the children’s paradise obvious position, hangs the disinfection record card, lets the parents rest assured.