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How do bumper cars work

Bumper car is a kind of carnival rides with high maneuverability. With the development of technical renovation, bumper cars’ performance is higher, models is more and more. So how do bumper cars work? Here are the working principles of Jinshan bumper cars below.

1. Battery bumper cars:

Battery bumper cars can adopt to various places, even in the ordinary cement ground. Like the name, this model uses the battery as power to run. Batteries provide power to motor. The motor drive the wheels by chains or gears.

2. Grid ground bumper cars:

Grid ground bumper cars need to set up a network. Because the two electrodes need to be set on the ground. So the ground is separated piece by piece. There is a insulation layer between every two pieces. Under the bumper car rides, there are two contact points connected to different electrodes of two grids. Then cars rides will get power to run.

3. Skynet bumper car:

Skynet bumper car is a old style and have been eliminated. But maybe some of our customers still have this styles. I think I need to introduce it too. This car rides need to set up skynet and ground network. Electrical equipment needs 380V AC power. The transformer in electrical control box will adjust the voltage to same as skynet bumper car’s need. The two electrodes will are set in skynet and ground net. Through the guide rod, the power is transferred to bumper cars’ motor. Then players can operate his car. 

By Jinshan carnival rides