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How Do We Respond to a Sudden Power Outage?

There are many amusement equipment now, and most of them are powered by electricity, then if the amusement equipment power off suddenly, how should we do?

1. Turn off the power switch of the amusement equipment;

2. Inform passenger about the situation though loudspeaker, to prevent passengers from panicking and give the passengers a soothing touch.

3. Operate the equipment according to the method of special emergency plan.

A:Make the cabin down to the safe position

B:Evacuate passenger in accordance with the rescue order in strict. Safe bar, cabin door etc. Should be disassemble if necessary,letting the passenger leave as soon as possible.

4. To carry out the patient’s comfort and necessary inspection, and treat the injured.

5. Check amusement equipment, and the amusement equipment should be stopped before solve the malfunction.

By Jinshan carnival rides