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How Does the Amusement Park Enhance the Customer’s Play Experience?

Create a professional and unique amusement environment

The children’s playground should reflect the unique style of the park through a unified storefront decoration, ornament, uniform clothing of the staff, and a wide service environment to show a strong professional image.

Reasonable design of children’s playground flow line

The park’s flow line, which refers to the passage of the park, it is a necessary path for players and employees. The design of the flow line must be consistent with people’s habits, and it is convenient for the people to walk and play.

The decoration of the park

The colorful  draw a variety of sensory worlds for us, and the colors are cold and warm; the warm colors are the vibrant colors of the sun, giving people a feeling of softness and warmth.

Improve the player’s experience through music

Music is a way for people to relieve their emotions, dispel their anxieties and fears. It is easy to see that every amusement equipment has music and sound effects during the running process, so the sound is an important part of the atmosphere of the amusement park.

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