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How Does the Park Maximize the Value of the Customer’s Lounge Area?

The customer lounge area is an indispensable part of a park and an important part of the park culture. Customers can know a little bit about the style of the park from the customer lounge area. In fact, the customer lounge area is an important marketing position for the park, but it is often ignored by most park owners.

In customer lounge area, customers can drink tea, watch TV, watch the latest promotional information, while considering and waiting for children to play. At this time, if the marketing is in place, it will not only improve the customer’s satisfaction, but also successfully facilitate the customer’s appointment of the next consumption time and items, becoming the “permanent repeat customer” of the park. Therefore, it is very important to create a marketing atmosphere of the customer’s rest area that attracts prospective customers, acquires existing customers, and maintains old customers. Let’s start with the four “sense” construction.

First, visual construction

①material design preparation

The structure, shape, color, and arrangement are artistically processed to create a vivid color contrast effect, which makes it easy for people to recognize and remember, and helps to highlight the theme of the park, makes it simple, intuitive and easy to recognize.

②material selection

Material selection: spray painting, creative guide, creative stickers, storefront signboard, banner, bouquet, bonsai, hanging flag, ribbon, roll up banner, K plate, table card, atmosphere bar, price bar, all the color selection should be green-based coloring in summer, and red-based coloring in winter, if you want to highlight the activity discount, you can consider the red as the keynote, if you want to give people a new feeling, consider light blue.

③on-site layout effects

On-site layout effect: based on whether there a customer initiative purchase plan, whether there is a drive line that allows the customer to recognize the event, whether it matches the main image of the park.


Second, hearing construction

① music

The music in the rest area should be warm and soothing. It is best to choose light music to give customers an elegant park environment and a sense of relaxation.

② communication

Communication is one of the most important means to draw closer to the psychological distance of customers. Make your communication full of enthusiasm, courtesy, professionalism and empathy. Customers do not want to buy cheaper consumption, but want to have the feeling of being able to take advantage of it. We should highlight how much money we save for our customers.


Third, touch construction

Direct contact with customers includes leaflets, products, project effects demonstration, additional gifts, seeds and small candy, promotional bags, drinking glasses, tables, chairs, and floors. In other words, in addition to the items that customers can touch, it provide customers with a comfortable, hygienic and pleasant environment. At this time we need to do the following: Is the rest area ventilated? Are there cigarette butts, paper scraps, candy or fruit skin on the ground? Has the sofa, table, chair, and coffee table been wiped clean? Will the ashtray be cleaned up in time?


Fourth, smell construction

According to the survey statistics, 75% of people’s emotions are caused by smell.  What is the “most important little thing” per minute? Needless to say, it must be breathing! Every time we breathe, we meet all kinds of odors in the air. Therefore, the customer’s rest area does not have to be filled with various fragrances at all times. It is not necessary to have no unpleasant odors. Here, it refers to the smell from the bathroom, the smell of smoke from customers, and the smell of the body and the odor in the mouth of the employees who haven’t handle individual hygiene in time. All those can affect the customer’s willingness to stay in the customer’s rest area.

Do a good job in building the above four senses, plus people’s live expression to play an important role, we believe that all marketing activities in the customer lounge will be greatly increased, achieving twice the result with half the effort.