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How Is A Large Children’s Bouncy Castle Made?

Most of the children really like the unique play experience brought by the large children’s inflatable castle. Many investors will want to know how to make a large children’s inflatable castle. What steps are needed? Today, we will share with you the design steps of the large inflatable castle children’s paradise. 

Inflatable castle renderings design

According to the style of the inflatable castle theme or the needs of customers, the design of the inflatable castle renderings is carried out.

Trial production of children’s inflatable castle samples

After the design of the piece is repeatedly modified and tested, it can achieve the same or even more than the effect of the design.

Infusion of children’s inflatable castle elements

Focus on the collection of cartoons, animations and fashion elements, draw on the essence and further develop the imagination to create more individual design ideas.

Inflatable castle cut pieces

The pieces of children’s inflatable toy products are similar to the pieces of clothing, but the pieces of children’s inflatable castles are more variegated. Each set of pieces determines a three-dimensional shape, which determines the shape of the design, and is also inflatable castle. The design of the fort is complex and cumbersome.

Determining the piece

After the trial production, the good performance of the inflatable castle pieces can be determined and drawn, including materials, colors and so on. The design of the children’s inflatable castle is more like a technique combining clothing cutting, cartoon art and plastic art.

In the design and production of inflatable castles, manufacturers should make full use of the existing information, boldly use imagination to create, conduct more market research, and understand the market trends. Only in this way can we walk in the forefront of design and popularize the psychology of customers, thus leading market.