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How Many Methods Do You Want to Know for Promotion of Children’s Playgrounds?

 The propaganda of children’s playgrounds has certain special characteristics, mainly because parents determine the children’s consumption. So children’s playground not only needs to win the children’s love, but also to get parents’ approval. Secondly, the playground equipment has a certain timeliness, after a certain period of time, the child’s freshness will be reduced. Finally, the target customer is kids, safety and environmental protection are issues that must be considered.

  1. Name the children’s playground

     Give the children’s playground a proper name. Just as a person must have a name, the playground also needs to have a name that is close to the target customer’s mind and easy to remember. You can get a name for your target customer.

  1. Free gifts

     The name, address and other information of the children’s playground can be printed on the gift and sent to children in the bustling area of the business. In addition, you should set up eye-catching signs in the underground shopping malls to guide customers to the playground.

  1. Leaflets and brochures

        Printed leaflets, brochures and other paintings will be distributed in schools, kindergartens, and neighborhoods. They will be distributed in shopping malls, community sites, and children’s playgrounds at weekends. It is also possible to place an activity billboard at the door, and a shelf for the event promotion content can be placed at the front desk or in a conspicuous place. Considering that the children’s playground position, it is necessary to make a large billboard or a guide sign on the ground.