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How Much Does It Cost to Invest in a Child’s Naughty Castle?

The Price of Indoor playground is not calculated according to the square meter, but according to the specific configuration, project facilities and games inside. Children’s indoor playground can be customized as the customer’s place which combine with each customer’s preferences and requirements. Each solution can be modified according customer’s request, and finally achieve the most perfect effect so that it can be better applied to the actual site. Meanwhile indoor playground can be customized as your budget.

Generally speaking, when you want to start indoor playground business, you should to prepare a venue to put in a naughty castle. Besides, there is no extra fees for making design. It means that we make and modify design drawings for customers free of charge. In general, we will make design plan soonest(1-2 days). But sometimes, it will take a few days because of a lot of order in the busy season. The price will be calculated when the customer confirm the final design.

Do you want to start indoor playground business? Do you want to get attractive design drawing? Choose Jinshan, Let us customize satisfactory products for you!