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How Should the Park Manage Accurately?

What kind of place a children’s amusement park is? It is undoubtedly a playground for children. With children increasing, parents pay more and more attention to children’s education and growth, and the requirements on the amusement park are more and more strict. Just search the Internet and you’ll find a lot of tips and tricks on how to run the amusement park. Facing such a considerable environment of the amusement market, as long as managing accurately, can seize the opportunity to achieve profitability.

  1. Price Positioning.

The essence of positioning is to distinguish this park from other parks and thus occupy a special place in customers’ mind. In this regard, the park should try to find out the park compared to other competitors more competitive characteristics. For example, a toll – based shopping mall is visited first. It’s afraid that the fee is expensive so that nobody to play, the fee is cheap and return is slow! It is understood that there is no consistent reference price for children’s amusement equipment charging standards, which should be based on local consumption level and parents’ emotions, inputs and other specific accounting of children. In the operation process, may present the so-called single ticket, month, year and other different standard types, can visit the mall to see the market first.

  1. Cooperation with the Mall.

Joint operation is a good cooperative method for the initial stage of starting a business, which can reduce risks, and meanwhile, it can be tied together with the interests of the shopping mall, which is conducive to long-term operation. The deduction point is generally taken as an example for the benefit distribution in coastal cities. The deduction point does not need to pay the site fees, water and electricity, labor, property fees still need to pay. There is also that the cash register piece certainly needs a sound method to restrain, both sides can communicate. Guaranteed rent plus deduction point, the department store is responsible for the cashier, the settlement method is monthly after the mall deducts the income, the remaining return.

  1. Create Personalized Amusement Park.

Many people think that the brand is of course important, but the brand is slow and warm up slowly. Although the traffic cost is becoming more and more expensive, and it is difficult to accumulate the value every day, in order to quickly return to the original, the first money should be spent on the traffic. But there is always a day that money will be burnt down, therefore, about the amusement park operation, constantly pull flow to rush orders, continuous subsidies user cultivate habits of course important, but more to the point in the flow with subsidies, whether in the consumers’ mind has a clear understanding of the brand positioning, you want to express these traffic and subsidies will help strengthen and expand the brand to you in the consumers mind cognitive. And in practice, differentiation is often temporary, and when others immediately follow suit, homogenization is hard to prevent.