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How Should We Charge for the Amusement Equipment?

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Adjusting price according to holiday.

As we know, during holiday the price of cargo will be raised, and more parents and children will come to amusement parks to enjoy the fun together, then the amusement equipment tickets can be adjusted slightly higher, but remember please don’t go too far.

Adjusting price according to season

Such as water amusement equipment, they are the hot games at Summer, all kids like to play them. You can adjust the price at Summer,

At Winter, the indoor playground will be more attractive, you can also adjust the price according to the actual situation.

Finally, we would like to say, the price of amusement equipment ticket can be adjusted appropriately, after adjusting price, if passengers think the price is too high, you can prepared some gift to share with kids, thus kids will love here more.

By Jinshan carnival rides