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How to Authenticate The Quality of Amusement Equipment?

There are many different kinds of amusement equipment in market, like the carousel , flying chair, self- control plane, mini shuttle and so on. When we purchase the equipment, how to authenticate the quality of amusement equipment?

1.The appearance is very important.

It is the first condition and guarantee. So the appearance must have bright colour and lovely design. About the quality, the equipment must not have any spiculate part to hurt children.


Different type of amusement equipment has different accessories. And a good manufacturer must produce the good quality of accessories. If the manufacturer can pay attention to any small problem, the production must be good.


Amusement equipment must use good quality material for structure, like the PVC or steel. And the equipment must accord with the mechanics structure which can keep stable operation and safety of kids

4.Relevant certificate

It can confirm whether the manufacturer is regular and has a good reputation. What’s more; the contract should be signed as guarantee when we are purchasing.


By Jinshan carnival rides