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How to Build a Comprehensive Amusement Park?

There are many amusement parks in the whole market. But how to build a comprehensive amusement park? Which items does it should include? Now let us learn about them.

1. Entertainment item.

It is the core of a amusement park which can bring lots of pleasure for customers. Through interactive amusement equipment, the customers will feel more interested and happy.

2. Performance item.

This item can fuse the whole theme park into a big stage. For example, the investor can control the lights and the music of whole park by control system. So the whole theme park will become a big show field at the performance time, and all customers will become happier.

3. Education item.

The investors can combine education and entertainment together by high-tech. For example, the magic classroom. This product makes the cartoon characters become the teacher through the augmented reality technology. This magic class room has a series of curriculum to make kids learn more knowledge in the game.

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4. Service item.

A series of service including kids clothes, kids spa and salon, kids photography and so on are provided in the amusement parks. These services can help the park promote the customer satisfaction.

5. Catering item.

This means you can provide dessert, drinks, foods for customers after they feel tired. Providing catering service can add the residence time of customers. At the same time, the customers will observe other amusement equipment and find another goal to play again.

6. Selling item.

Generally speaking, you can design a series of derivative of theme parks. For example, you can design toy, book, gift, clothes, etc. In this part , the customers can choose any gifts they want, and it also can help to extend the theme of park and promote the brand awareness.

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