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How to Choose the Decoration Style of the Children’s Amusement Park?

The storefront decoration of the park is just like the face of a person. It is the way you leave a first impression on others. If your park’s first impression is chaotic and strange, it is hard to attract the parents and children. How can the park be decorated to attract customers?

First, the children’s park decoration style

The principle of the storefront decoration is to create a relaxed atmosphere. The quality of the park environment and the quality of the service will have a decisive impact on consumers. Customers not only need to play the machines they like, but also want to get something other than the children’s playground products. Therefore, the park must have extremely high requirements in terms of hardware and software.

1.It should be sprightly in the theme style, the main color and auxiliary color should be coordinated;

2.The interior decoration should be simple, and highlight the key points;

3.Make image walls, modeling walls, bar counters, shoe cabinets, checkout counters, gift showcases;

4.Decoration outside the door should be paid more attention to, so as to reflect a advertising effect and park’s image (similar to the style of the museum);

5.Use large nameplate (choose a good material);

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Second, the primary orientation of children’s amusement park

It is best to have a theme in the park. There are several types of children’s parks to choose from, such as colorful themes, castle themes, marine themes, forest themes, and space themes. These theme are basically matched with the color of the naughty castle, and when other projects are added, the environmental decoration and the naughty castle should be matched.

Meanwhile, pay attention to fashion, through a unified store decoration, elegant color, neat dress, spacious service environment to reflect the unique style of the store, forming a professional image store. With the transparent visual effect, high-grade and neat design style, customers can feel the charm of the brand at any time. The customer base of the children’s playground is basically young mothers with children, so the decoration style should pay attention to their taste. The children’s park decoration should not only focus on the theme and adapt to the consumer group, but also reflect the store culture.

Summary of  several principle issues that should be noted in the renovation and positioning of children’s parks:

1.Divide the area (from the perspective of equipment): Naughty castle area, video game amusement area, booth game area, puzzle hand-made area, educational area, and leisure area.

2.Pay attention to playability: naughty castle can be played multiple times, so is the video game equipment; this kind of area all belong to profitable area;

3.Overall coordination: refitting some areas which are not very concordantto adapt to the overall design;

4.The overall color: use a vibrant main color and auxiliary color, highlight a modern sense of the park;

5.Full-featured: bar counter, showcase, rest area, modeling wall, advertising space, etc.