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How to Choose the Good Site for Trampoline Park?

First of all, we must choose the target customers. The customer group of the Children’s Paradise Trampoline Park can be divided into children and adults. For different groups of people, there are different games item which be put in place. For example, If target customer is mainly for children, we should choose more games which are suit for the children. If target customer is mainly for adults, we should choose more equipment like climbing, smashing and expanding. If it is a paradise for adults and children, we need to consider the functional rides of the two groups combined with equipment such as parent-child games. In short, if the target customers are different, the design, planning and functional project settings of the venue also need to be carefully considered.

  1. Investigate the population structure around the park

The Children’s Trampoline Park is suitable for urban or commercial areas in which mostly young live, especially in small communities or schools where children are concentrated!

  1. Investigate whether the traffic around the amusement park is convenient

The location of the children’s playground and the trampoline park depends not only on the flow of people but on the convenience of the traffic. The convenience of transportation is one of the important factors which affect the flow of customers directly.