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How to Choose The Venue to Install Bumper Cars

How to Choose The Venue to Install Bumper Cars?

1. The site must be smooth, smooth cement floor, tile floor, marble floor, etc.

2. Cracks or spaces on the ground can cause poor ride comfort, it may also cause failure or damage to electronic components, the damage of the frame and the motor output shaft rupture and wheel rupture.

3. The rough ground easily lead to excessive wear and tear of the wheels. The wheel replacement, especially the replacement of the drive wheel will increase.

4. The horizontal area is better, if there is a slope, the slope should not exceed 10 degrees, The large slope is easy to cause very slow speed when the bumper car uphill. When downhill, the speed too fast to control.

5. There can be no water trench or pool around the site. There must be comprehensive protective measures when there are water trench and pool, so as to avoid damage to vehicles and dangerous accidents.


By Jinshan carnival rides