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How to Clean the Naughty Castle.

Nowadays, children’s naughty castles are becoming more and more popular with parents and children. Naughty castles can not only make children have fun there, but also can help children to build their bodies and improve their intelligence. In order to ensure children’s physical and mental health, how can we clean and maintain the naughty children’s playground which is played by so many children?

First: for some plastic toys, you can use disinfectant washing powder or bleach to wash them, then you need use clean water to clean them up. At last, you should dry them with clean cloth or dry them by airing.

Second: for some toys made of cloth, they could be exposed to the sun, then bacteria on them will be killed.

Third: for some moisture-proof and unfading wooden toys, they can be washed with water and dried in the sun directly.

Fourth: The walls and floors of the naughty castle should be sterilized and ventilated weekly.

By Jinshan carnival rides