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How to Correctly Maintain The Luxury Merry Go Round

It is known to all that carousel rides is popular among the kids and adults till now. No matter how competitive the market is, it never be replaced by other any amusement rides. So here we will introduce you how to correctly maintain the amusement carousel horse.

*Regular inspection:

Staff should regularly check all parts and spare parts of the equipment; check whether its appearance has damages and whether the transmission belts and wheel are in good condition; ensure test safety bars and safety fence are in good condition; examine the motor and its fixing bolts, ensuring the voltage and current value are normal.

*Regular maintenance:

There are a lot of passengers to experience the carousel rides each day, so it must have wear and tear in some way. It is very important to lubricate the equipment regularly to reduce the damage. Also carousel rides should be operated by a special person to avoid unnecessary accidents.

*Safety protection:

We should eliminate potential safety hazard immediately during its operation. It should have different emergency plans for every amusement products to ensure passengers safety when dangers occurring. Even luxury carousel rides is a traditional amusement rides, still they are no exception.

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