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How to Design a Bumper Car Field?

 Guide reading: How to design a bumper car field? Different places need different quantities, and different areas need different kinds of bumper car. Let’s introduce it to all of you.

How to design a bumper car field? For the person who is the first time to contact with this industry is very difficult. Because they don’t know how many and what kind they should choose. According to these questions, we will give you the best answer as below.

Square Bumper Car:

Entertainment venues for bumper cars had better choose a place have a large crowd, such as Park, Scenic spot, Shopping mall, Square etc. You can also choose indoor children playground. Bumper car need crush for fun. Single is OK, but the more customer you have, the more happiness you will get. So you need choose a place where has a large crowd to ensure your customers.

Ground Bumper Car:

We should according to the customer’s budget and operating place to choose the acreage. Indoor acreage is between 60-200 Square meter, and outdoor acreage is 100-500 Square meter.

BMW Bumper Car:

The price of playing once also need based on the local consumption level. 10, 15 or 20 for 5 or 10 min for a time.