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How to Do The After-sales Service for The Amusement Equipment Factory.

Now there are many amusement equipment brand , but how to do the after -sales service of amusement equipment factory?

Firstly, it keeps contract. Each amusement equipment factory shall sign the contract, strictly product the equipment in accordance with the requirement of contract , and seriously sign the after-sale service terms. If the product has the quality problems,we should be actively coordinated to provide after-sales service.

Secondly, it is strict to control quality. The amusement equipment factory should pay attention to the work of staff, not blindly improve the production efficiency and neglect the product technology. The quality of the product improves the failure rate of natural products, which can reduce the chance for after service .

Finally, the notification of equipment installation before and after.The amusement equipment factory should communicate well with the customer, and the customer must lay the foundation before installation and according to the design strictly. It is not necessary to arrange the installation of the equipment (such as the railway small train), and must inform the client about the problems and procedures during the installation . After installation, the manufacturer has the responsibility and obligation to inform the customers about the daily maintenance matters.

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