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How to Effectively Reduce the Development and Operation Costs of the Amusement Park?

First, what constitutes the cost of the park?

Throughout the large, medium and small parks at home and abroad, the cost structure is nothing more than two important components, namely the development cost (excluding land cost) before the opening of the park and the operating cost after opening. The development cost includes the following items: engineering cost, start-up fee, marketing cost, reserve fee, and engineering cost accounted for the largest proportion, reaching 70%-80%.

Operating costs include the following: operating costs, management expenses, marketing fees, financial expenses, business taxes and surcharges, of which management expenses account for the largest proportion, reaching 50% -60%.

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Second, how to effectively control the development cost of the park?

1.Effective market analysis can reduce investment risk:

Nowadays, many parks are pursuing a “big” character during development and construction. The land area is large and the investment scale is large. There is nothing wrong with being high-end. However, blindly following the trend finally results in that the project is homogenized seriously. With no effective market support, it will not only cause waste of resources, but also increase operating costs in the later period. So how to avoid this similar problems and reduce investment risks through effective market analysis and positioning?

◎ Avoid project homogeneity: make strict scientific argumentation and coordinate the number and layout of park projects in the region;

◎ Avoid pursuing large scale of the area: make scientific plan and rational layout, adapt to local conditions, and create a boutique with the core of the theme. A moderate size of the area will be good;

◎ Avoid big investment and small reception: inherit Chinese culture, tell the story of China, develop theme park projects with various types, distinctive features and rich connotations;

◎Analyze the consumption power of tourists in the source market: the consumption capacity is determined by the amount of visitors, parks with low IP and brand awareness should measure the investment scale of the park by the consumption power of the source market;

◎The project should have the highlights and memory points of the promotion: the project can be passed on by word of mouth;

◎ Long-term positioning, phased development: pay attention to the product business combination, and create sustainable developmental travel destinations.

2.Emphasis on operational planning:

Operational business mode requires the operation team to plan first: the layout of the theme business should follow these principles;

◎Check the overall project operation mode in advance;

◎Check the function configuration and dynamic relationship of the project partition;

◎Check the equipment selection and effectively control the project procurement cost;

◎Ensure the layout and composition of equipment, avoid blind procurement, random stacking, which will result in a waste of investment costs;

◎Effective operation financing can greatly reduce the cost of rework and rectification during the construction period;

◎Effective operational data analysis can greatly reduce engineering cost investment;

◎Effective operation financing can make the construction organization more scientific and the cost more reasonable.


Third, how to effectively control operating costs?

Open source and reduce expenditure of the management;

◎Establish brand and word of mouth, make full use of new media, and integrate resources;

◎Reduce the cost of material consumption:;

◎Reduce the cost of customer complaints handling;

◎Scientific placement, reasonable scheduling.

Whether it is investment development or management, we must create a profitable amusement park that tourists like.