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How to Innovate the Operating Management of Amusement Equipment ?

During operating the amusement equipment, it always needs innovation. Therefore, how to innovate the operating management of amusement equipment?

1.To grasp the market trend and clearly know the direction of product

Taking the market demand as basic, the investors should have the survey and statistical analysis through the consumption situation of amusement equipment in certain areas. They also need to summarize the characteristics of the market demand and know which amusement equipment is most popular in the market clearly. Meanwhile, this way also can provide the investors a direction of innovation.

2.To innovate the combiningmodes, create the new product

In the amusement business, especially about the special means of the innovative experience item. The innovation of compound mode has a low cost and is easy to realize.

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3.Tochange the whole environment and create a new atmosphere

The environment and atmosphere have an important influence on attracting ability of amusement equipment. Generally they include two parts: one, the environment and atmosphere is too old. Many amusement parks which have operated for a long time all have this problem. Other one, the environment and atmosphere is too humdrum. The investors can combine their own characteristic to create a new and special atmosphere.

4.Toencourage the customers to involve and innovate their experience

Participation and experience is a core characteristic of amusement equipment. So if the investors want to innovate, they should enhance the participation of customer to improve the attraction of amusement equipment.

5.Toupdate the hardware facility and guide the trend

Some amusement equipment have a short life cycle, so the investors should often update the equipment. But it not only requires to make the old ones replace the new ones, but also requires to keep pace with the trend of market. But the investors should note that update the amusement equipment need to increase investment. So this innovation must be analyzed scientifically on the basic of amusement equipment profitability.

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