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How to Install The Amusement Rides with Track?

Many operators like to choose amusement rides with track in their amusement parks. Then before installing these rides, what should we note?

1.Inspect the location

Generally choosing a widely area to install, whether indoor or outdoor. Because the track rides need turn on the rails, if in the crowded area, it will lead to impact the speed of the track train rides. What’s more, it is easy to have some potential risk.

2.The installation of track

It should note that the track location when installing. If the length of the carriage is too long, the rotation of track rides will be not flexible. So when it is installing, the direction of the rotation should relative with the angle. The big angle will help the track rides to improve the flexibility and avoid the problems occur.

3.Circuit connection

When connecting the circuit, please refer to connection schematic diagram, use the copper core more than 5mm connect the red and black binding post on the back of the control cabin respective to the sleeper and the electrode which is in the middle of the track of the train. For eliminate that the speed is unstable which be caused by the bad contact in the joint of track, the wiring on the sleeper and the electrode should be added.

And the control cabin should be put in the dry room.

4.The detail about the installation

Summarized as follow: (1)The site should be smooth and dry. (2)The track grade should be less than 5‰, and the height difference should be controlled about 3mm.(3)The electrode should be flat, and the bolts should be tightened in connection with the bakelite plate.

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