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How to Invest and Build a Small Amusement Park?

Jinshan amusement rides has 15-year experience in planning and designing amusement parks. We can provide you with the simplest and clearest investment plan.

Ⅰ. Site construction

1. location rental

2. hardening 1000 square meters of the business site

3. Door construction

4. 4 salesmen

5.  5 sets of equipment

6. 16 seats carousel rides

7.  200 square meters indoor playground

8. 8 arms self control plane

9.  happy spray bar

10. 10 sets bumper car

Ⅱ. Analysis on the reward of the investment

The average consumption capacity of different areas is different, and the price of the equipment is not the same. We calculate the minimum standard by 2USD / person / time.

Passenger flow forecast and income

Date                    Quantity of Consumers         Income

From Monday to Friday       100                 200 USD per day / day

Saturday and Sunday         300                 600 USD per day / day

National legal holidays,       1000                2000 USD per day / day

Calculating the income with the minimum standard, the income of one week is 2200USD, the monthly income is 8800USD.

By Jinshan carnival rides