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How to Judge the Quality of Bumper Cars?

   The bumper car is a must-have amusement ride for the playground. It is the amusement equipment of choice for the operators. There are also many bumper manufacturers in the market. How to judge the quality of the bumper cars? Just pay attention to four points:

Bumper car shell

        First, the outer glass fiber reinforced plastic is very thin, but because the bumper car often touches it, although it basically does not touch the outer casing, the high-priced car outer casing is quite thick and of course durable.

Bumper motor

        The second is the motor. The motor for a good bumper car is intelligent and the price is not low. Usually, if the bumper car is driven to the wall, if the motor is still running, it will cause the machine to burn, but the good motor will automatically stop running for automatic protection. To extend the life of the machine.

Bumper car rack

        The third is the rack. It is recommended to visit several factories at different price points to visit the production process. If you look at the internal structure of the car, it is easy to find out whether their materials are real, whether the welding is professional or not.

Bumper car floor

        The fourth is the floor, the thickness of the regular manufacturer’s floor, that is, the ground mesh plate is 5-6mm. If the price of the bumper car is significantly lower than other manufacturers, it is necessary to see if the thickness of the floor is less than 5mm.

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