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How to Keep The Hot Popularity of Amusement Park after The Peak Season.

How to keep the hot popularity of amusement park after the peak season.

As the season changes, The amusement park always have some peak season during the operation. These seasons often happen in the holiday or promotion of period. In this time, the visitors flow rate and the sales volume has increase obviously. But after the peak season , how to keep the hot popularity of amusement park? What are stages of the adjustment?

First step:

1.Adjust the amusement equipment. It includes the locations of amusement equipment.

2.Potential safety hazard troubleshoot and maintain

3.Change the overdue advertising and damaged mark.

4.According to related revenue and equipment data appraise equipment operation situation, decisively decision that add and reduce equipmentand put forward motion.

5.If due to the influence of objective environment and factors, throughcommon analysis, increase employee’s attitude and service awareness.

6.Staff training,upgrade some excellent employees tobe trained other positions, to do regular evaluation and follow-up work.

Second step:

1.Follow up the existing cooperation merchants and usenew cooperation modes of merchants, such as bundle sales, etc.

2.Use theme activities in the store which are carried out by the cooperative merchants.

3.Adjustthe plan of how to attract the visitor to stay here long time.

4.Trainthe staff about the service etiquette.

The third stage:

1.Excavate the members’ repeated consumption, and the consumption after the peak season needs to be eliminated in a novel way, which leads to the warming atmosphere of the park.

2.Use some new program. New elements can be introduced into the program, which can be used for long-term cooperation projects and regular performances.

3.Cooperation with other organizationsor store.

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