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How to Maintain Amusement Equipment in Winter

In winter, the night is dark, the weather started to get cold. People began to wear thick cotton coats and overcoat, the facilities for parks and amusement parks are also quiet. Hibernation begins in winter, waiting for the recovery of spring. During this time, we need to maintain the amusement equipment, and avoid crack and ice .

Seasonal climate change has great impact on amusement equipment, especially during the wet rainy season in summer and the snow and ice in winter, once climate change it should be suspended. Especially in thunderstorms, there may be many lightning strikes on amusement equipment, although there is a lightning protection device, which is still not enough.

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If the winter anti-freeze work is not good, some amusement facilities may be frozen out, generally, there are fewer tourists in winter and the climate is cold, so operators should not take it lightly, and they must check and maintain it regularly.

In addition, we should pay attention to the foundation of the equipment and protect the water hole, so as to avoid unnecessary losses. When cleaning the partial of the electrical equipment, we should first ensure that the power is off and no need to rinse, and wipe it with wet cloth at ordinary times, turn on the power after drying. This machine should be regularly rust prevented. Second, we should prevent the motor of internal friction by the oil. Finally, professionals should repair the parts regularly to minimize damage. In order to maintain smooth operation and extend the service life of the product, we should always insist on maintaining entertainment equipment.