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How to Maintain Indoor Playground ?

The indoor playground is used only for children aged 3 to 12, and it is not the same as other amusement equipment, so its safety should be taken seriously by operators. Below is the precautions of daily maintenance for indoor playground:

The indoor playground is generally used indoors, so that the wind and the sun can be avoided;

The customers need to take off their shoes after entering the indoor playground, and can not carry the sharp items.

The operators can clean the equipment thoroughly with soft brush and neutral cleaner every week.

It is forbidden to pull at the net outside the indoor playground.

During the using period, the guardian should remind the children not to push and shove in the playground to avoid accidental injury.

The operators should check the fittings inside the playground regularly to check whether there are any safety hazards such as screw loose. If there is a problem that can not be solved by themselves, then they need to report to the installation unit.

By Jinshan carnival rides