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How to Maintain The Amusement Equipment ?

There are many different kinds of amusement equipment in the park , but many operator don’t know how to maintain the amusement equipment, now we summarize the detailed procedures as follow:

1.Regular inspection: the management personnel should check the important parts of the equipment every day to ensure the safe operation of the amusement equipment .

2.Regular maintenance: please add lubricating oil to the amusement equipment appropriately. It will reduce the wear and tear caused by long running, and avoid unnecessary accidents.

3.Operational Commissioning of the equipment: the amusement equipment will be tested before operating every day.You can check whether the equipment has abnormal sound during test run.

4. Safety protection: the safety hazards found in the operation of amusement equipment should be stopped immediately and the hidden trouble is eliminated in time, which is a security guarantee for customers who play the amusement equipment.

By Jinshan carnival rides