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How to Maintain The Color of Amusement Equipment?

Children amusement equipment’s safety is important, sanitation is also very important. After the children playing, the equipment will be stained with stains and bacteria, which will harm the health of the children. It will shorten the life of the equipment if it is not treated for a long time.

Where does the cleaning start?

1.For those plastic parts and fiberglass, we can use soapy water, disinfectant washing powder and bleach powder to dilute and soak; gently wipe it with soft cloth or soft brush, rinse clean with water; after drying, spray some disinfectant.

2.For the soft sponge part, we can scrub with soft cloth and soapy water. 

3.For the metal part, if you need to remove rust, , you can use the brush, then wipe with a dry cloth.

4.When the electric circuit is partially cleaned, it is necessary to make sure that the power is cut off first. It needs to be scrubbed with wet cloth, you can connect the power after it is dry.




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