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How to Maintain The Luxury Carousel?

How to maintain the luxury carousel?

1.The main safety inspection everyday

*Whether the clamp nut has loosed or lost.

*Check the appearance if has the deformations and cracks.

*The switch is sensitive and reliable.

*The action of part on or under the horse is fine. 

*Whether there have a special sounds or smell.

*The temperature rise of motor is normal.

*The power code is loose and the electrical indicator is normal.

* The lubrication of antifriction bearing is well and the temperature rise is normal.

the wear condition is excessive.

*The main welding seams have no crack, open seams and other abnormal condition.

*There is no crack in the joint bearing and shaft joint which are under the horse shaft.

*Whether there is an abnormal condition of the fixed frame under the horse.

2.Check andrecordthe condition before running every day

3.Before the operation, totest the machine will beno less than 2 times . After confirm all is ok ,then can be turned on.

By Jinshan carnival rides