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How to Maintain The Relationship of Customers with Amusement Park

  1. Comprehensive customer’s database

Even if you have a very smart brain and good memory, you can not remember each detail of your customer. So a customer database is necessary and it’s the first step of your work. Maybe some people hear that it’s necessary to build database, he will get annoy right now. But in fact, it’s not so difficult to build the database, the easiest one is your address book on your phone, but we do not suggest you to use your address book as your customer database, because it’s too easy. You can not put the most important customer database information and satisfy your daily work needs. If you are willing, you can search on the internet, there are many similar available App like customer database.

  1. Contact with customers or pay a return visit frequently, it’s also the effective method to enhance customer relationship.

After finishing setting up the database, customer’s basic information, the amusement park can use wechat, text message and email, easily send heartful wishes and greetings of amusement park to customers. Constantly maintain relation, avoid customers thinking that you’ve fogotten them, after all, it’s chinese traditions.

  1. Remember customers’ family’s names, let them be moved by your carefulness.

Name is a “magic spell” that can penetrating people’s heart, as long as the spell is called, the opposite side will treat you one of them. It is even more so amusement equipment industry, if you can exactly speak out customer’s family’s name in each contaction with customers, the customers will surely remember you very much and get moved by your carefulness and trust you further.