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How to Make Profitable from Indoor Playground?

Indoor playground, the general single ticket fee is 8-15USD per kid. The specific charges can be based on the local consumption level, as well as the parents’ income, the environmental factors around the indoor playground. Parents do not have to be charged because they accompany their child, but the parents are real consumers, so operators should pay more attention to parents. It is necessary to set up a rest room(WIFI and sofa seating included) which can make parents relax, When the children are playing, the parents can enjoy their own time.

Membership card system is divided into a monthly card, an annual card, etc. Members who have a card can get a 7-10% discount on the basis of a single ticket price; Or a member pays a one-off to one-year fee, they can get 7.5 to 20% off. Some operators charge a fee for handling membership cards, usually around 5 USD.

There is another form of membership card, which is the number card and the time card. The number card is generally divided into several files, such as 100USD/ 10 times, 200USD / 15 times, etc.; Timing card is generally divided into several files, such as 8USD / 1 hour, 80USD / 8 hours and so on.