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How to Make Safe Electricity Measures for Children’s Parks?

Winter is coming, we have to fire and prevent electricity. As we all know, there are many safety problems with electricity. Children’s playground equipment, as one of the places where people are crowded, pays more attention to the safety considerations in amusement parks. Therefore, how to make safe electricity measures for children’s parks?

The leakage protection switch should be checked frequently. Try to check it less than once a month. If there is a malfunction, We should replace switch immediately. Meanwhile, we not only to check if there is an emergency switch, but also if the emergency switch can be uesd. Besides, we also need to check if it meet the requirements of normal use under local environmental conditions.

The wire and able should be wrapped with electrical tape. It should not be replaced by medical tape, and it also should not be wrapped with nylon paper. Do not plug the wires directly into the socket.

Do not touch the lights, switches, plugs, and electrical appliances with wet hands. Therefore, we must pay attention to the safety of electricity supply and supply, and ensure the insulation of the equipment itself. Therefore, when the equipment fails due to human error or normal operation, we can avoid personal injury under the inherent conditions.