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How to Operate Amusement Equipment to Promote Customer Consumption

Characteristic and patience is indispensable

For the shopping center, the children’s format is like a engine with high-speed operation, which has the magic that promote the consumption of the whole family. But in the fast-paced social life, keeping invariable is a disadvantage.
If the kids amusement operation has no characteristics, and poor management, then it  will eventually be eliminated.
Even when it comes to distinguishing features, children brand still have to go through a long profit cycle. The museum project investment includes fixed equipment investment, technology investment, rent, equipment depreciation, labor costs, water and electricity property costs. Competition in the same industry and the single form make the number of passenger reduce. Enterprises need to build IP cooperation, create more fun, continuous innovation, so that the space is more fun and attract more customers.


Make good use of “free” derivative consumption

Insiders believe that, generally a large part of family spending is carried out around the children, children’s format will promote “incidental consumption” or “derivative consumption.”
According to the data released by the report, the domestic children’s theme park profit, ticket revenue accounted for 79%; ,\compared with foreign countries, this income structure is very simple.

Children’s industry brand is establishing long-term business plan , at the same time as the property side of the shopping center, they should also look away and should not just sell tickets as the main goal. The orientation of the children’s business should not be commercial profitable. It should strengthen the service of children’s business and provide the economic value of shopping center with child service as the entry point. Innovative challengers are already experimenting with more models.

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