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How to Operate The Self-Control Plane Amusement Equipment

Matters needing attention in later operation of self-control aircraft

1.The daily maintenance and cleaning of the self-control aircraft. Sanitationhas always been a big problem in amusement playground. Children like it very much, but children’s bodies are at the stage of development, and their resistance and immunity are weak. It is essential to wipe the cockpit,the handle and other parts cleanly every day after the machine is closed. The environment around the self-control aircraft also need to be cleaned every day.

2.Training the worker who manages self-control plane rides. The problems from the starting, running, and closing of the equipment, including some common problems in the operation, the staff need to have the ability to quickly resolve.

3.The attentions of self control plane need to be told to every visitor. For example, children under 1.2 meters must be accompanied by an adult. Do not extend any part of the body out of the plane when the self-control plane is started. It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure the safety of every passenger.

4.The placement and layout of the self-control plane rides. There is a saying, “Regular customer”, the children and their parents go to playground together. Amusement park is a place for entertainment. Everything is comfortable and enjoyable. Children enjoy themselves. Adults feel relaxed when they wait for kids, which are the  potential accumulation for customers.

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