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How to Promote the Indoor Children’s Playground Design to a New Level?

The venue planning and design of the children’s park is a study. The operators can integrate divergent thinking and various ideas into the design of the park. While increasing the attraction of the park, it can also effectively avoid the homogenization competition. Although the amusement equipment is the core of the children’s park, the planning and design of the children’s playground is also crucial. Therefore, in the design process, you should follow the principles below.

First, security

Children are not mature enough because of their physical and mental development condition, and their sense of self-protection is not as strong as that of adults. Therefore, in the design of children’s parks, security issues must be given top priority. Pay attention to the safety of the active equipment and the detailed design of the site. There should be no dangerous protrusions (such as nails and bolts), crushing points, sharp edges, sharp corners and possible trepanning that may infibulate the child’s head and fingers, to avoid accidental injuries when children are playing in it.

Second, versatility

Operators should follow the needs of children’s activities when selecting amusement equipment. Considering children’s desire for knowledge, curiosity, energy, and eager to explore the surrounding world, equipment should be designed to be fun, participatory, diverse and knowledgeable, creating a relaxed, natural and functional playground for children.

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Third, take advantage of the local condition

If the venue itself is not square, then we can take advantage of the condition on the spot. The natural scenery and customs of different cities are also not the same with each other, so the design can absorb local characteristics and bring local elements to the park.

Fourth, pay attention to the height range

The children’s park is an paradise for children. The height and scope of the children’s sights must be designed in order to make the interior design of the park within the comfortable visual range of the children.

Considering the diversity of children’s activities, the design should integrate participation, diversity, knowledge and fun, to create a relaxed, natural and functional activity venue for children, and provide a certain cultural connotation to children. The potential role of “education and fun” can allow children to grow their knowledge in play.

Fifth, sustainable development

A major feature of children is that they are constantly changing and developing. Development includes cognitive development, language development, emotional development, interest development, moral development, personality development, and the diversity of children’s behavioral development, all of them will make the mechanisms for children’s growing environment complex, diverse, and changeable. Thus we must change our park’s design style from passive to active, from imitation to creation, to make a breakthroughs in the market competition.