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How to Solve The Failure Problem During The Amusement Equipment Operating ?

Sometimes, the amusement equipment will have some failure problems ,so how to solve them when they occur?
*Can’t start
1.control cabin and circuit problem. If the equipment can’t start , firstly should check whether the control cabin can work. Check the indicator light of cabin, if it work which stand for that the line of power access control cabin is no problem, if it don’t work , it should be checked that whether have the broken line and short circuit, and contact and change it timely. If it don’t have any problem , then open the control cabin to check whether the switch blade of relay and the fuse wire is normal.If the failure problems still exists, check the circuit of conducting ring.Last , check whether it have dirty or loose in the contact part of conducting ring and carbon brush.
2.Motor problem
If the control cabin or circuit all don’t have the problem or remedy of the problem but also can’t work. It should check the motor, remove the belt of the motor pulley, then open the button of the control cabin to check the motor whether is work. If it doesn’t work, it need to change the motor.
*It is difficult to start.
1.The voltage is not stable or too low.Many devices have difficulty starting or not start up because the voltage is unstable or too low, mainly due to the excessive voltage load nearby, especially in summer.The check way is press the start button of the electric control cabinet to observe whether the voltmeter is normal.The solution is to replace the larger square number of power lines or replace access points of the line.The most direct but not effective method is to press the start button of the electric control cabinet, and then find two people to push the chassis to check if it can work properly.
2.The triangle is loose.
3.If the triangle belt is loose,it can adjust the distance between the motor and the pulley, or replace the triangle strip with the same model.

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*Jitter and excessive noise
The first reason is because of the chassis operation is not smooth, it can check whether there is any leakage on the tyre or air pressure is not enough , it needs replace or repair when it has leakage, if pressure is not enough, it need inflate tires, three and a half pressure is enough .The second reason is that the friction force between the driving part and the bearing increase, it can add lubricating oil.

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