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How to Start Marketing during Operating the Kids Amusement Park?

Recent years, many people choose to invest the amusement equipment, but how to start marketing during operating the amusement park? Now, there are some ways for your reference.

1.Invite some kids from the kindergarten or children from primary school to play some times in amusement park freely and experience the fun.

2.Hire some temporary staff to give out some leaflets and handouts in surrounding supermarket or mall. Also can advertise in some middle or big community or the site where have passenger flow volume.

3.Sent the messages which include the opening or discount information about the amusement park by phone or Wechat to the potential customers.

4.Cooperate with some supermarket or company, for example. If shopping a certain amount of money, customers will receive a certain amount of voucher, membership card and frequency card.

5.Hire some staff who are professional in early childhood education to play with kids or teach some games. During playing game, operators can set some rewards for children, which can help to keep the attraction and fun of amusement park from the kids, and also can gather more popularity.  

By Jinshan carnival rides