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How to Use the New Rides to Quickly Increase Revenue

The operation of parks, plazas, scenic spots and amusement parks is very important. There are many ways to increase the income of amusement equipment. Today we will briefly introduce you:

  1. Use the acrylic sheet next to the new amusement equipment to describe the use and highlights of the equipment.
  2. Put the latest children’s play equipment in a conspicuous place, and use colorful decorations such as ribbons and balloons to dress up and attract attention;
  3. In the case of fee permit, the operator can launch a free trial session, let the child participate for the first time, like to ride this device, and then attracting is not difficult;
  4. Introduce corresponding activities for new amusement equipment, such as gift time, drawing, free photos, etc., so that parents feel that children experience new equipment, not only to cultivate children’s spirit of exploration, but also to bring more fun;
  5. The new children’s play equipment configuration staff will decompose and demonstrate how to operate. If the staff has a high degree of affinity, they can attract many children.
  6. Set up a brand at the entrance of the children’s park to remind you of “new rides”, let the children play the game of “new rides” together, and set up the prizes appropriately. The children will naturally turn their attention to the new amusement equipment.