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In the Face of Holiday, What Would Smart Operators Do? (1)

To amusement park,holiday is a period that amusement park attaches great importance to. Probably many amusement parks are secretly planning for the ways to attract passenger resource. Or some new operators of amsuement parks are at a loss and don’t know what to start with. Therfore, in the face of holiday, what preparation works should the operators do?

  1. The amusement park should be much cleaner.

With the peak season summer holidays coming, it natural that there will be more children that usual in the amusment parks, which makes the indoor environment and amusement equipment more easy to be dirty than in off season, the rate of germ breeding will increase too. If the park still use the clean timed and steps of off season, the indoor environment will surely not be clean, and it will increase the rate of getting germ. Thus, children’s amusement experience will be influenced and the parents will get a bad impression at the same time and finally lose the customers. Therefore, in such a peak season, the amusement park should increase the vigor and times to clean the park. Welcome the children with a clean and tidy indoor environment, build a good brand image for children’s amsuement park.

  1. Make sure amusement equipment work properly.

In peak seaon summer holiday of amusement park, it’s not rare to be seen that several kids are playing with one ride, which will bring overloaded operation for amusement park. Loose bolt and rusting connecting piece that can not be seen daily are easy to break down in overloaded operation, which will resulted in accident. Therefore, with peak seacon summer holiday approaching, the operators should have a overall and complete maintenance for all amusement equipment and change broken amusement equipment and parts in time. At the same time, make sure the fastness and normal operation of amusement equipment so as to guarantee children’s safety.