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In the Face of Holiday, What Would Smart Operators Do? (2)

  1. Fire Safety Inspection that can not be ignored

In hot summer, more and more children would choose to play in indoor amusement park. The indoor amusement equipment’s fire inspection must be done correctly.

First, the indoor children’s amusement equipment should be took to local fire department to be put on records before installation. In installation, fire engine access should be preserved. Fire-fighting equipment should be equiped and often check them to make sure they are usuable.

Second, fire prevention consciousness should be increased in amusement equipment’s operation. If condition permits, you can do daily safety record.

Third, all power switch should be turn off after after the operation to avoid short circuit and cause fire disaster.

We cannot ignore the safety of indoor children’s amusement equipment. The related department should tighten the supervision control work. Accomplish the fire safety work, make sure the kids come to play will enjoy real safety guarantee.

  1. Are “smart” staff enough?

When it comes to peak season in amusement park, the customer volume will increase a lot than usual. It’s the time to test park’s service power and executive force. How can we not go so far as to be in a muddle? This needs we have enough staff. Not only in number, they should also be trained. Well-trained staff can not only calmly deal with any incident, but also provide the best service for children and parents. It’s important for build good reputation and maintain customer loyalty.