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In the Face of the Transition of the Park’s Off-Season and Peak Season, Do these Jobs!

There will be a significant gap in the sales of the general children’s park during the off-season and peak season. During the peak season of the busy operation period or some special days, the flow of people in the park increased, and the sales volume increased. Compared with the off-season, the consumption of amusement equipment, publicity and promotion, and the cooperation of employees have greatly increased the workload and difficulty.

While bringing high benefits to children’s theme parks, there are also hidden dangers in many aspects. For example, after the children’s playing, the equipment is overloaded during peak hours, the wearing parts, dust, static electricity and overheating will cause the wearing parts destroyed. Some fragile electronic components will be damaged, which leads to a decline in the performance of the entire equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to promptly check and repair the equipment, so as to prevent hidden dangers, greater chain losses and greater losses. The staff of each position, especially some new employees, are stretched and tightened like a bow during the whole peak period. Due to excessive tension and fatigue caused by work, once the slack comes, the service consciousness and quality during the off-season will decline in different degrees, which will affect the reputation and benefits of the park, and even lead to unnecessary negative emotions and backlogs.

As a park operator, it is very important to know how to plan ahead. In the off-season targeted program after the peak period, the training of employees’ work skills should be strengthened, the service mentality of employees also should be corrected. The staff service awareness shall be improved, and the hardware and safety factors in the park shall be checked and adjusted, so as to summarize the work and enhance the management of next peak period.

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The first stage

  1. Adjust equipments in the venue, including machine partition and stand-alone position;
  2. Trouble shooting and maintenance of circuit safety hazards for children’s play equipment;
  3. Adjust logo advertisements such as defective labels on the venue and replace expired advertisements;
  4. Evaluate the operation of the equipment based on relevant revenue and equipment data, make decisively decision to increase or decrease equipment, and propose a proposal;
  5. Improve the employees’ work attitude and service awareness through joint analysis of reasons;
  6. Pay attention to employee training in the park, upgrade some excellent employees to other positions for internships, and do regular assessment follow-up work.

The second stage

  1. Follow up and consolidate the merchants who have the original cooperation relationship with the park, and carry out new business cooperation modes, such as bundled sales;
  2. The theme activities in the park can be combined with the cooperative merchants;
  3. Adjust the plan for how to detain visitors in the park;
  4. Staff training of service etiquette.

The third stage

  1. Explore the members’ multiple consumption, eliminate visitors’ consumption fatigue after the peak period in a novel way, thus driving the park’s play atmosphere to warm up;
  2. Introduce new elements, such as highly ornamental programs. Do long-term cooperation plans and regular performances;
  3. Cooperation between institutions (based on joint development).

After completing the above stage work, even in the off-season, we believe that there will be a good return in your park’s business, and it will provide sufficient preparation for the next peak season.