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In the Off-season, What Does Amusement Park Do to Take Advantage of Business?

In the slack season, many parks’ performance will decline due to the decrease of passenger flow. The intensity of the work will also decrease. At that time, the amusement  park will generally be in a state of leisure and neglect. How to run the park better in the off-season is a question that the amusement park operators have been pondering. The off-season is not a short time. Can we just waste these days?

  1. Use Off – season Time For Product Maintenance

As the saying goes,“ sharpening the knife does not make the woodcutters wrong”. In the case of a relatively small customer flow in the off-season, the amusement equipment can be operated by avoiding the peak hour, which can not only guarantee the amusement experience of tourists in the amusement park, but also save energy and reduce consumption and reduce operating costs. The off-peak maintenance and annual inspection are carried out for the equipment running with long term heavy load in the off-season, so as to ensure the safe operation of the equipment during the peak season of passenger flow and reduce the opportunity cost of maintenance.

  1. Cost-effective Promotion

In the off-season, for the amusement park, the core customers don’t reduce. Because the weather leads to the decrease of the experience, but if the experience doesn’t change, the customer satisfaction is easy to be improved. So we need to activated the consumer groups, use consumption characteristics and internet thinking to develop the market. “Gain profits in high season and gain advantage in the off-season” is the core thinking of off-season marketing.

  1. Use the Publicity Power of the Internet

Internet marketing is a major development trend of the publicity of the park nowadays. With the help of the power of the Internet, a powerful Internet content marketing team is formed. On this basis, content channels are integrated to successfully establish the perception of the park and activity products in consumers’ minds.

We-Media is one of the important marketing channels of the amusement park at present. The gradual improvement of We-Media’s function is the key to the increasing number of fans year by year. From a single information releasing and tourist consultation, the wechat account of the park has gradually evolved into a powerful we-media promotion and consumption system of the park. The advantages of fans flow and brand influence are used to form an alliance with other we-media, forming a “fishing net”  we media publicity matrix.

Internet content publicity should strengthen the amusement park’s own product symbols. In today’s fierce market competition, the park should not only identify its own positioning and consumer groups, but also constantly display its brand image in the publicity and promotion, and constantly strengthen the brand and product features, so as to avoid the player’s cognition weakening with time and the publicity of competitors.