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Inflatable Bumper Car

  1. We usually have 5 colors ( red, yellow, orange, green, and blue ) for car body. Any combination color for inflatable is optional. 0.65mm PVC with net cloth sandwich and specialized glue keep the air impermeability performance of inflatable good.
  2. Steel skeleton and 4 PE wheels make the car strong enough to load 200Kg ( Adult type ) at most.
  3. Each car has 2 forward speeds. One is frontward position, another is backward position, the car would have a 360 degree rotation.
  4. It has two 12 v batteries to make the car has power to go on smooth surface.
  5. Generally speaking, you can make a relatively confined zone. We also can provide you inflatable guard.
  6. The inflatable bumper car has coin system ( the coin is supplied ), remote control system and timing system.