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Inflatable Bumper Car Product Features

  1. Integrated seamless FRP body design, automotive-grade permanent sticker design, combined with a unique shape design, more visual impact.
  2. Turning using steering wheel, using motor vehicle steering gear, more reliable performance, more flexible operation.
  3. The soft tail design and the car seat design make the ride more comfortable.
  4. With background MP3 music and volume can be adjusted to enhance the atmosphere of the play and attract tourists.
  5. Front and rear lighting system, the vision is brighter, bringing a touch of scenery to the beautiful night.
  6. Fixed battery design, walking more smoothly, and can be equipped with large batteries.
  7. Use a smart charger. The indicator light indicates the charging progress, and the microcomputer controls the charging efficiently. The battery does not heat up, does not bubble, and has a long life.
  8. The use of super wear-resistant polyester rubber wheel, coupled with mechanical overload protection system, can protect the wheel for a lifetime without replacement, significantly reducing the cost of use.
  9. Original dual-drive system, which enhances the ability to grip, it can adapt to a variety of grounds, such as floor tiles, concrete floors, etc.
  10. Play time can be adjusted from 1 to 99 minutes. You can customize the play time and view the number of play according to your needs.
  11. The bumper car is equipped with a remote control, which can be easily controlled no matter how many cars you choose.
  12. The balling device can make a real lightweight sponge ball.